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State College Attractions: Let's Do Some Stuffs

Hikes and Scenery

Mount Nittany is the most trafficed hike in the area, but that doesn't mean it isn't worth the effort. At a minimum, you hike for over 2 miles, but can evidently rack up 8 if you keep crossing back and forth between the trails. A solid outside perimiter loop will be close to 5. Good views of campus, Boalsburg and Tussey Ski Area, and even the very depressing shopping mall!

Tussey Mountain Trail is one of our favorites for mountain biking (and we will do that Sunday), but it is good for hiking, too. The above link has a few pics that you can check out, including some of the area destroyed by fire a decade ago. Since it runs the ridge, you eventually get great views on both sides. I would suggest driving up Bear Meadows Rd and stopping near the Kettle Trail marker. It will be a vertical hike to the ridge, but it gets you to the fun stuff quicker. 

I will be honest. We have never hiked here, but we do ride our bikes through it (continue over Bear Meadows and enjoy the descent!). I suggest at least through it, and back up Bear Meadows to see some beautiful old-growth trees that haven't been subjected to the timber industry. There are also gigantic 20 foot rhododendrons (sadly they don't bloom this early) that helped inspire the Rocks and Rhododendrons theme of the wedding. 

Even if you don't feel up to elevation changes in your hikes, you deserve some beauty and tranquility. We chose the botanical garden for our engagement photos.

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