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Wedding Visitors Guide

Lindsay and I really want to thank you all for coming to Happy Valley. 

While you are here, we figured that you may want to explore some of our greater features. 

Food and Drink

The Deli is an American resetauraunt with a constantly evolving menu, but is a staple for us. For me, it is the 57 beers on tap, and Lindsay loves the cheesecake selection


If you want more beer, head over to their sibling, Liberty Craft House.  Liberty features a digital menu, some tasty snacks (even Piggy Mac and Cheese). 


Is pizza your thing? As someone who loves pizza, central PA was a rought place to live until we discovered the flaky crust pizza at Hi-Way Pizza. 


The newest brewery in town, Happey Valley features two floors with very different vibes. Lindsay and I enjoy just sitting at the bar, and depending how we feel, order the Short Rib nachos (so good, but better for 4 people), the wings, or pretty much anything else on the menu. 

We can alway turn to pho if we are feeling sick or tired. It is the new chicken noodle soup, but with more healing powers. Evidently the other food is good, too, but too many good pho bowl options exist, and our tummies are only so big. 

While the Creamery gets most of the press (and is a fun thing to check out if you explore campus), most people agree that Meyer Dairy ice cream is superior. The South Atherton location is closer to our designated wedding hotels and venue. 

"Where bacon is an herb."
That sums it up, but only the delicious food. It is BYOB, and it pays to bring one for those behind the counter, as it may make the transaction smoother. You have to attempt to pronouce the item you want, and cannot just point to the menu. Most of the tough guy service is tongue-in-cheek, and I have never seen any really sour interactions, just some light-hearted teasing. 

Otto's wraps up the restaurants we keep in our rotation, mostly for the solid food, and decent beers on tap. Lindsay like the Thighs and Fries (chicken thighs and sweet potato fries combo she created). I continue to explore the menu, and have not been let down yet. 

Coffee Offerings in Town

The new hot spot in town, owned by BMX star and strong rider Jamie Bestwick. 

A good place to get some work done or to meet people, Saints is a good place to refuel if you are downtown.

This little spot is nestled on Calder Way (between College and Beaver), and has a delicious array of cheese, tea, and coffee. Lindsay likes it because they do lots of dark roast coffees, so if you like it real roasty, then this could be your shop. 

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